Ingrown Hair Treatment


 The Vagina/Underarm Ingrown Hair Treatment
($40:Vagina) ($20:Underarm) (Face Add-on $25)

The Ingrown Hair Treatment is the perfect addition to your waxing routine. Using a  5-step process, the Ingrown Hair Treatment keeps the skin smooth and fresh. Some benefits are:-Prevents bothersome bumps and ingrown hairs-Reduces the look of any impurities-Reduces Pimples & Blackhead Breakout

  • Cleanse

Start by gently cleansing the skin  to clear away any impurities.

  • Exfoliate

Gently exfoliate the skin, using enzyme mask peel or scrub to purify and prep the area.

  • Extractions

Then we use a careful extraction method to remove unwanted and often painful ingrown hairs trapped under the skin.

  • Treatment

A hydrating mask is applied to the skin to calm any irritation, leaving the skin toned and fresh.

  • Moisturize

We complete the treatment with a hydrating  cream that helps calm and restore balance to your skin.